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Sheets to snuggle up in with Liquid Laundry Lavender, free from optical brighteners which remain on your skin

In today’s hectic world, washing and cleaning is an activity to be performed as quickly as possible – a nuisance and a chore. In spite of this, cleanliness still possesses a deeper meaning.

Why do we feel the need to wear clean clothing?

Why do we feel so incredibly good snuggled up in a freshly made bed?

Why do we organise and clean our house before visitors or having a celebration?

Order and cleanliness have something liberating and satisfying about them which is a reflection of the soul. We can also find an element of Mindfulness within our cleaning, by simply being present with the task at hand and to quiet our mind’s chatter.

The fact that the substances we use to wash and clean should also possess this sense of cleanliness is only logical.

Petrochemical or ‘unclean’ substances can only give an impression of cleanness.

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1) All SONETT products are FREE from:

  • petrochemical raw materials
  • petrochemical or petrochemical-based tensides
  • synthetic fragrances
  • synthetic colourings
  • synthetic preservatives
  • genetically engineered raw materials
  • enzymes*
  • allergenic ingredients
  • phosphates
  • optical brighteners
  • animal fats or other animal-based raw materials, apart from the cow gall (partially from Demeter bio-farms) used in gall soap

*The problem with enzymes is residue will remain on fabric and be transferred to skin. When you perspire this may set up a reaction with enzyme residue and cause skin irritations.

2.  SONETT uses only vegetable and mineral raw materials (apart from the cow gall used in gall soap):

  • only vegetable tensides (washing-active substances)
  • pure, natural essential oils
  • vegetable alcohol
  • citric acid (food quality)
  • soda, silicates, aluminates, pumice and lime powder

3.  SONETT uses the modular system for the most economical and ecological laundry cleaning:

  • basic detergent made of pure vegetable soap with coconut fatty alcohol sulphate and sugar tenside
  • pure oxygen bleach
  • zeolith instead of phosphate

4.  SONETT incorporates many raw materials grown using bio-dynamic or organic methods:

  • fats and oils: olive oil, palm oil*, rape seed oil, coconut oil
  • essential oils: lavender kbA, lemon grass kbA+ wild collection
  • spagyric salts

*All palm and coconut oil for our solid and liquid soaps derive from organic farming, therefore destruction of rain forest is strictly forbidden.  Our supplier is a member of the RSPO**

5.  All SONETT products are 100% biologically and rapidly degradable

6.  All SONETT products are particularly kind to the skin

7.  SONETT uses only recyclable packaging made of paper, cardboard, PE

8.  All ingredients are disclosed fully (particularly important for allergy sufferers)

9.  SONETT uses detergent additives rhythmitised in an oloid mixer To the best of our knowledge, SONETT is the only company using rhythmisation and life supportive technology in the field of ecological washing and cleaning agents.

**Why RSPO Certification?

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) is a global, multi-stakeholder initiative on sustainable palm oil. Members and participants in its activities come from many different backgrounds and include environmental NGOs, banks and investors, growers, processors, manufacturers and retailers of palm oil products and social NGOs. They come from many countries that produce or use palm oil. The principal objective of the RSPO is “to promote the growth and use of sustainable palm oil through co-operation within the supply chain and open dialogue between its stakeholders.”

The RSPO Principles and Criteria for Sustainable Palm Oil Production (RSPO P & C) are the global guidelines for producing palm oil sustainably. They have been described as the world’s toughest standards for sustainable agriculture production and have been variously adapted for other crops. No public claims relating to sustainable palm oil production, to the RSPO P & C, can be made without RSPO approved third party inspection.

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