9 Items You Shouldn’t Put In The Dryer


The clothes dryer offers convenience but it can damage some garments. Here are some items to avoid throwing in the dryer.



Lace, clasps, straps, padding, under-wiring, camisoles… dryers aren’t kind to undies or any elasticity. Air drying is a must.



Swimsuits are easily damaged in the dryer. Hang them on a washing line instead, they dry in minutes anyway.


Pantyhose, tights & leggings

Tights are notorious for shrinking in the dryer.


Delicates – Silk, wool, rayon/viscose

Hand wash or use the delicates cycle on your washing machine and wash with gentle Olive Liquid Laundry for Wool & Silk, which maintains elasticity, and with its high-grade pressed olive oil soap, it provides outstanding cleansing properties that are nurturing for woollen and silk fabrics and restore their protective hydrolipidic film


Sportswear & activewear

Laundry Liquid Colour Mint & Lemon is recommended for outdoor apparel, sportswear and activewear. Dryers are too harsh for fabrics containing elasticity.

Sequins or any other embellishments

Way too delicate for the dryer. Best dried and stored flat too, because the weight of embellishments can stretch fabric.


Trainers, casual shoes

No for the dryer, stuff them with newspaper and dry them in the hot water cupboard.

Rubber backed bathroom mats

The rubber won’t stand up to the intense heat of a dryer, and overheating could occur.

Care tag instructions

Anything that says no dryer on the care tag. It may sound obvious, but not everyone remembers to check care tags.


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