7 Tips on How to Create the Perfect Kitchen

Make your kitchen the heart of your home

Kitchens are really the soul of the house and are for more than just cooking but also for congregating. In older houses, the kitchen tends to be isolated and often small. Today, people want a kitchen that incorporates both a workspace and a casual space for dining, or for the kids to get their homework done.

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1) Prep Zone, Cook Zone and Wash Zone

Think less in terms of the traditional triangle layout and more in terms of creating a work area that goes from fridge to sink to stove, with several paces between. The fridge and the sink need to be linked, but the cooking section can be a little more independent. Keep the dishwasher near the sink, and try to keep the bin within easy reach of the Wash Zone, Prep Zone and the Cook Zone. This is simply about keeping the most-used areas of the kitchen in close enough proximity to each other.

Baking trays, pots and pans near the Cook Zone, platters and chopping boards near the Prep Zone and access to dinnerware and cutlery away from the work zone so others can assist in setting the table.

Nothing beats a full extension drawer for pots and pans over trying to reach back into a cupboard for that deep dish pot and lid! Kitchen renovation trend is the use of drawers for storage of crockery, cooking utensils and saucepans.

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2) Desirable design elements in a kitchen

There is a real benefit to a sink with a view.

An exterior space is a huge bonus; if you can add flow through and a deck to create a place to eat al fresco or have a barbecue.

Think carefully about how you plan on using your kitchen. Over the past few years it’s more common to create a multi-use space where you can cook, eat, entertain and help with the children’s homework. Independent dining rooms are increasingly redundant, with the preference to create a single, larger space where people can gather.

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3) Kitchen Island

A work zone and social hub, the island provides additional work surface and can also include a breakfast bar. Think about incorporating sockets for charging phones and laptops as well. An island is the ultimate multitasking space, it’s also helpful to give a little separation between dining and kitchen without being cut off.

Avoid placing your sink on the island bench if you’re a drip-dryer, alternatively build up the bench around the sink to hide it.

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4) Colour

Go for bold colour on your kitchen cabinets, your island, or for your splash back. Alternatively incorporate colour in accessories or artwork to add a little more personality into your space.

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5) Style with appliances

You may wish to use smart coloured appliances to make a strong design statement, adding contrast and interest to the kitchen. Red appliances in particular suit white or rich, dark colour schemes.

6) Clear the bench

If items can be put away or stored out of sight, the kitchen will be a much better place to work.

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7) Build around light

One simple trick to make your kitchen appear bigger is to make the most of the natural light available.

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Our Top Selling Kitchen Cleaning Products

Sonett since 1977
biodynamic | organic | wild harvested

Ecological, effective and economical household cleaning

We think it’s important to use ecological products in the kitchen, you don’t want petrochemical residues on your cutlery, crockery or food preparation areas.

Caring and feeling responsible for water as the essence of all life, made Sonett come into life. By using 100% rapidly biodegradable raw materials such as purely plant-derived soaps, sugar surfactants and minerals such as sodium carbonate and silicates, we increase the washing performance of the water, and at the same time fostering its being returned to and reintegrated into the natural cycle.

We consider it our task to do the laundry and household cleaning in harmony with nature, and especially with the water, in a considerate and revitalising way.

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Allergies, Eczema, Asthma and Dust Mites

House dust mites are present in most human environments, thriving in warm moist places such as mattresses, bedding and carpets, and feeding mainly on flaked-off dead skin.

Up to 85% of people with asthma are affected by the faeces of house dust mites. Those with the most common form of eczema, atopic eczema which is closely linked to asthma, are also affected by dust mites.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 11.01.59 AM

Mites will not be killed in a cold or warm wash but mite allergens (faecal matter) will be made safe and washed away. Low-temperature cycles in washing machines don’t get rid of dust mites, say scientists, 30 or 40°C washes only killed 6% of house dust mites compared with 100% at 60°C, Korean researchers found.

Allergy UK agreed with these latest findings presented at an American Thoracic Society conference. They advise allergy sufferers use 60°C washes.

  • Hot tumble drying items for half an hour after outside drying also kills dust mites.
  • Dust mites love humid climates – dehumidify.
  • Dust mites are sensitive to dry conditions, changes in temperature, and ultra-violet light.

Use an organic cotton dust mite proof cover for NEW mattress and pillows, as a preventative measure to mites getting into the mattress and pillows.

A latex mattress is inhospitable to dust mites. No dust mite cover required.

Latex pillows are inhospitable to dust mites, wool or silk pillows, and doonas, are naturally resistant to dust mites.

Put blankets, pillows and doonas in a plastic bag and pop in the freezer for 48 hours to kill dust mites. You must wash these items after they have been in the freezer to ensure the residue from the mites is gone.

Every two to three months, children’s soft toys should be frozen in the freezer and then hung out in sunlight for six hours.

Dust mites cannot survive on hardwood floors, as opposed to carpet.

Always wet dust and wash cloth in a 60° wash.

Sonett Sensitive range for people with allergies, asthma, eczema, for babies, young children and all those who have sensitivities: 

Pin pointing allergies is often a process of elimination. Using Sonett Sensitive range of laundry and household cleaning products is part of that process.

  • Purely plant surfactants
  • Free from any petrochemical ingredients
  • Free from fragrances, colourings and complexing agents
  • Free from optical brighteners which remain on the skin, preservatives, enzymes, GMO
  • Completely 100% and rapidly biodegradable

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The Best Fabrics for Keeping Cool

Keep cool, calm and collected in the heat with your choice of fabrics.


Go natural fabrics, preferably in organic quality.



  • Linen is a natural fabric made from the flax plant.
  • Keeps you cool and comfortable in heat and humidity.
  • Linen keeps your body free of moisture as it can absorb as much as 1/5 of its weight. Moisture is both absorbed and evaporated by linen.
  • Linen is loosely woven which also aids in keeping you cool.
  • Linen conducts heat through the fabric which further improves cooling.
  • Woven linen doesn’t cling so it has high air permeability, allowing your body to ‘breathe’.
  • Linen doesn’t like being washed in hard water, so if you have hard water, soften with Sonett Water Softener.
  • Linen likes gentle, synthetic chemical and petrochemical free laundry products, use fabric caring Sonett Laundry to ensure longevity of your linen garments.
  • Linen doesn’t like harsh laundry detergents and chemicals.
  • Linen does crease but this can be minimised by using softening Sonett Laundry products that don’t crisp your fabrics. You may also like to add Laundry Rinse which smoothes fibres and softens fabrics further. Wash in delicates cycle and hang immediately to dry, preferably in shade.
  • Feeling fresh in linen, a classic and elegant fabric.


  • Breathable and lightweight, fluid with superb drape.
  • Not as cooling as woven linen.


  • Cotton is made from the cotton plant.
  • Keeps you cool by resisting static cling.
  • Cotton allows your body to ‘breathe’ because it allows moisture to evaporate.
  • Good choice of fabric for those with sensitive skin or allergies.
  • Cotton is lightweight, crisp, clean and fresh.


  • Very comfortable breathable fabric, just not as cooling as woven cotton.


  • Chambray is like denim, which is a very tightly woven cotton, however, chambray is much lighter in weight, therefore another cool option for the heat.


  • Breathable fabric that wicks moisture away from the body and doesn’t hold odours.
  • Hemp is more durable than any other natural fabric, meaning it has a much longer lifespan.
  • An environmentally friendly fibre as it doesn’t require pesticides, insecticides or fungicides to grow..
  • Very good anti-bacterial properties, making it extremely resistant to mould and mildew.
  • UV resistant.
  • Softens with each wash, without fibre degradation.

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7 TIPS to Reduce Ironing Time

1) Delicates wash is your friend. As soon as the load is done hang garments immediately to dry, preferably out of UV if possible. This technique definitely reduces ironing, in fact you’ll find many items don’t require a iron at all.

Always, always hang clothes as soon as possible, whether with pegs or on hangars, whether out of the washing machine or dryer, or once ironed.

2) Another handy TIP is hang your wrinkled garment in the bathroom while you take a shower. Steam often negates any need to iron at all.

3) Have to give ourselves a pat on the back here, because you’ll find using Sonett Laundry Liquids and Powders your laundry will be much softer, less creasing, meaning less ironing time than conventional products. Everyone wins, including the environment.

4) Almost as soon as you’ve turned your iron on is the time to iron anything delicate that requires ironing. No point waiting about for your iron to come to full heat, get on with the really creased items once the iron is hot.

5) We don’t need to be perfectionists, many items really don’t need to be ironed. For instance I wouldn’t dream of ironing 100% cotton sheets, they’re not that creased anyway, however I have a friend who has meticulously ironed her sheets for years. Each to their own. I’ve found that once a good linen garment has softened over many washes and it’s hung on a hanger straight out of a delicates wash it doesn’t need ironing.

6) I’m told that using a steamer, rather than an iron, makes pressing much quicker and easier.

7) Having the correct tools for the job always helps, as does watching tele or playing your favourite music while you iron. A solid ironing board, with a pretty cover, a good iron, and use Sonett Starch Spray & Ironing Aid with aromatic Rose Geranium and Lavender and you’re away. Also available in 1 litre refill.

P.S. A packed to the rafters wardrobe may cause creasing.

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7 TIPS to make laundry a more enjoyable experience

Feel inspired when it comes to doing your laundry.

1) Keeping on top of it

Particularly if you have a family do load(s) during the week rather than having a mountain to get through in the weekend. Cutting a big job down to bite sizes always helps.

2) Pretty things

Use things that you enjoy using, like a long-lasting jute, woven, vintage look laundry basket or a very large French market basket works well too. My latest laundry find is a gorgeous, and useful, canvas peg bag picked up from Eumundi Markets.

3) Wool dryer balls

Wool dryer balls are eco-friendly, they help fluff up your laundry as they bounce around in the dryer with your clothes. The wool balls help reduce drying time, static and soften laundry. If you like a little scent in your laundry, you can add 1 or two drops of your favourite essential oil on each ball.

4) Caring for your lingerie

Get in to the caring habit of using a mesh bag, or even a pillow slip will do,  to give extra care to your lingerie. This helps lingerie to keep in shape and last much longer.

5) Delicates

Use your delicates wash cycle and hang up items to dry. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how little ironing you need to do.

6) Mindfulness and folding laundry

Sometimes it’s just all about attitude. Folding washing becomes more enjoyable with some favourite relaxing music on or enjoying a moment of silence and quiet meditative time.

7) Putting laundry away

A quick and easy job if…your linen cupboard, wardrobe and drawers have been de-cluttered.

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8 Cleaning Resolutions for the New Year


For a positive impact!

1) Small jobs done regularly

Cut cleaning down to small jobs you can squeeze in here and there. These changes to your routine will keep help to keep your home clean and orderly throughout the year.
For example you’re spraying and wiping for after dinner clean up anyway, so also pop into the bathroom, spray, walk away to let the product do its work, then come back and wipe down surfaces (with your bathroom cloth) for a cleaner start to the morning.

2) Make beds every single morning

A made bed makes a bedroom look tidy, instantly and it doesn’t take much more than a minute to do. It’s much nicer to sleep in that night as well. Get the kids in the habit of making their beds every morning too.

Lavender Laundry Liquid is perfect for bed linen.

3) Put clothes/shoes away

Always put your clothes and shoes back in their place or in the laundry basket at the end of the day. It takes less time to do this than it does to deal with a mountain of clothes over a chair by the end of the week, or the time it takes to run around in the morning frantically trying to find a garment or the other sock to a pair. Not even mentioning unnecessary frustration.

4) Let your cleaning products do the work

Choose your cleaning products wisely. If you have a big job that involves cleaning grease, oil, soap fat in the shower – then use Orange Power Cleaner undiluted to take away the elbow grease or scrubbing.

5) Clean the bathroom weekly

Cleaning the bathroom weekly is much better than letting it become a daunting job. Regular cleaning means mould, bacteria, soap residue is kept under control.


6) Spray, walk away, then wipe

Some products need a little time to do their work for you, check the instructions. You’ll find those products more economical when being used correctly also. For instance Bathroom Cleaner needs a little time, walk away and do something else for a while, then come back to wiping.

Toilet Cleaner, with cedar and citronella, is particularly good at adhering to the loo bowl. Squeeze it under the rim and leave it to work overnight. Then just a quick scrub in the morning is all that’s required.

Use Multi-Surface and Glass Cleaner, with lavender and lemongrass or diluted Orange Power Cleaner or diluted All Purpose Cleanser in a trigger bottle for a quick after dinner clean, remember to spray, walk away then come back and wipe, because you’re letting your products do the work.

7) Cleaning products you actually like to use

Cleaning is much more enjoyable when you use products that smell lovely when you’re using them and leave nature’s aromatics behind as well. Natural and organic essential oils, as opposed to synthetic chemical fragrances, which are just pollutants.

8) Begin the New Year organised

This is a great time of year to tackle rooms, one by one, and clear the clutter, which means it’s quicker and easier to clean during the year. Put your favourite music on and if there’s kids about get them involved too. Have 3 drop off points: rubbish, recycle, donate.


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Christmas Cleaning Plan

Not long to go, so it’s time to make a plan. There will be enough to get done closer to the date without having anything more on your plate!

1 • Garden and BBQ area

Garden tidy and planting. Think about potted colour and hanging baskets. BBQ and outdoor area clean up.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 2.38.22 PM

2 • Lounge and Bedrooms

Get the kids involved too, donate or reuse, recycle wherever possible.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 2.39.46 PM

3 • Kitchen

The fridge needs to be spotlessly clean, and you’ll need all the extra space you can get. Baking Soda on a saucer will keep your fridge free of odours, change it weekly. Pantry tidy up time and oven clean too.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 2.42.40 PM

4 • Bathroom

A thorough clean required. Love the aroma of Toilet Cleaner at this time of year with essential oils of cedar and citronella.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 2.34.12 PM

5 • Dining and/or Outdoor Area and Last Minute Jobs

Wash glassware, cutlery and crockery. Wash and iron your Christmas linen.

Last minute bathroom and loo clean, dust, vacuum and wash floors with a small amount of Orange Power Cleaner, just because the residual smell of oranges works well at this time of year. Fresh towels in the bathroom, Hand Soap and guest towels.


Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 2.31.56 PM

Products featuredOrange Power CleanerAll-Purpose Cleanser – both super economical used in dilution except for the toughest jobs, Multi-Surface and Glass Cleaner (also in 1 litre refill), Bathroom Cleaner (also in 1 litre refill), Scouring FluidToilet CleanerLaundry Liquid Lavender (also in 10 litre refill), Hand Soap Rose (also in 1 litre refill) and Hand Soap Rosemary (also in 1 litre refill).

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